Single Mom Who Adopted Her Former Student By Paying More Than $48,000 In Debt

Stories of teachers doing amazing things to change students’ lives are not news anymore. However, not after what a 24-year-old teacher has just done for her student broke the internet. Chelsea Haley a teacher working at Teach America wiped out her savings account to adopt two siblings!

It is always at the verge of how a teacher decides to deal with a student’s bad behavior that groundbreaking discoveries are made at schools. When Chelsea, the teacher at Teach America experienced hardship working with a fourth-grade student, Jerome Robinson. She shuns all other conventional ways to deal with students exhibiting behavioral problems, including suspension.

Instead, she put down her foot and went down to the bottom of the matter. To her dismay, she learned that only a good home could be a solution to Jerome’s bad behavior. At 24 years old with her tuition debt, Chelsea went on to wipe out her savings just to adopt Jamine Robinson and Jace-his baby brother. Usually, teachers who try to reach out to authorities with students issues are often confronted with dead- end and quit.

But, not Chelsea who sacrifice both her savings money and youth to become a young mother to a vulnerable member of her class and his sibling. Chelsea was finally given absolute cu*to!y  of the boys in 2016. Since then, she embarked on a major financial lifestyle change as she adapts to motherhood. At first, she lived on credit cards and secondly, she put her student loan on hold.

This was a maternal sacrifice she told ‘Good Morning America’ that it was all worthwhile and boast that becoming a mother to the sibling brothers is the biggest blessing for her. More special since this has mounted to waking up each morning to two loving boys. Chelsea boasts that becoming the mother she envisions for her sons comes with working hard to pay off her debt and bills.

Image Credit:Timelesslife

This includes taking on extra hours of tutoring after school, delivering groceries for additional cash. Nonetheless, the hard work cannot match the joy of being there for her boys- cooking and cheering for them at football games. Five later, Chelsea’s hard work shows off! She finally paid $50000 of her debt and the boys are doing great.

Image Credit:Timelesslife

In a viral family photo, Jamine and Jace could be seen holding a placard reading “At 24 years old, she wiped out her savings to adopt us as a single mother”. On the other hand, is Chelsea holding a sign with a corresponding assurance “Today, at 29 years old, she has officially paid off $48.683.41 and is DEBT FREE”.