Twin Sisters Receive Highest Honors At Graduation And Pay Tribute To Their Mother, Who Passed Away Last Year

Khaliyah and Aaliyah White Philadelphia twin sisters, graduated from GAMP High School as the number one and two students in their class. With their determination and motivation, Khaliyah graduated valedictorian and Aaliyah graduated salutatorian, despite the challenges they endured.

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A year subsequent to losing their caring mother, Khaliyah and Aaliyah White, have graduated the highest points of their group with a word about what they needed to go through and how her nonattendance affects them. The twin from Philadelphia graduated as the first and second understudies at the GAMP High School, How Africa has detailed.

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The twins devote their accomplishment, in particular, to their mother, who died last year. The twins said that their mother was “proud of us for everything we were doing.” Aside from their studies, the two sisters were also involved in track and field as well as theatre productions.

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Because of the COVID-19 test across the world, they are charged to address their associate alumni practically. The two of them have said they are as yet doing all that together despite the fact that the circumstance is presently not equivalent to previously.

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 “We’re going through this and we will be more grounded and more ready for anything that comes from now on,” one of them said. Concerning their future, the report said while Khaliyah is moving to Delaware State University, Aaliyah is taking a gander at going to the University of Pennsylvania.

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They will have their graduation virtually due to the pandemic, where they will address their fellow graduates. “Even though things aren’t the same as they were before, we’re still doing everything.” We’re getting through it, and we’ll be stronger and more prepared for whatever comes next.”

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Both are premed students, however Khaliyah will attend Delaware State University and Aaliyah will go to the University of Pennsylvania. It will be the first time they are separated for an extended period of time, and they are both looking forward to what lies ahead.