Triplets Who Graduated With 4.0 GPAs Honored By Their High School

Cathey and Cornelius Belcher are proud parents Their triplets, Kolby, Sydney and Kendall Belcher, graduated summa cum laude last month from Ola High School. Each completed their high school careers with a 4.0 GPA. “I’m very happy and proud of them,” said Cathey.

The Belchers began working with their children at 3 years of age, teaching them to read and write and instilling in them the importance of getting a good education. “They took off from there,” Cathey said. “They knew they were expected to do their best and never settle for a B or C grade when they could get an A.” Cathey said the triplets were always enc-ouraged to put forth their best ef!orts. “We nurtured them and pu*hed them along the way,” she said.

“They’ve done really well.” All three were dual enrolled in college while attending high school. They’ll start their first year of college with nearly a year of credits under their belt. Kolby is attending Georgia State University to earn his undergraduate degree and plans to obtain his master’s degree in business administration. He intends to pursue a marketing career.

Sydney, the youngest of the three by one minute, is also attending Georgia State University to become a nurse. She’ll continue her education to obtain a master’s degree, hoping to work in the hematology/oncology department at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Kendall chose to pursue a degree in business administration at Gordon State College and plans to obtain a master’s degree for a career in the financial services industry. “I’m excited about them going to college,” Cathey said. “We’re encouraging them to keep doing what they’ve been doing and reminding them to always give back to their community.”