A Set Of Triplets Honored By Their High School, Who Graduated With Perfect 4.0 GPA

Cathey and Cornelius Belcher are pleased guardians Their trios, Kolby, Sydney and Kendall Belcher, graduated summa cum laude last month from Ola High School. Each finished their secondary school vocations with a 4.0 GPA. “I’m extremely blissful and pleased with them,” said Cathey.

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The Belchers started working with their youngsters at 3 years old, helping them to peruse and compose and imparting in them the significance of getting a well-rounded schooling. “They took off from that point,” Cathey said. “They realized they were supposed to give their all and never settle for a B or C grade when they could get A.

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” Cathey said the trios were generally encouraged to advance their best efforts. “We sustained them and pu*held them en route,” she said. “They’ve done all around well.” All three were double signed up for school while going to secondary school. They’ll begin their most memorable year of school with almost an extended time of credits added to their repertoire.

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Kolby is going to Georgia State University to acquire his college degree and plans to get his graduate degree in business organization. He means to seek after a showcasing vocation. Sydney, the most youthful of the three by one moment, is likewise going to Georgia State University to turn into a medical caretaker.

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She’ll proceed with her schooling to get a graduate degree, expecting to work in the haematology/oncology division at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Kendall decided to seek a degree in business organization at Gordon State College and plans to get a graduate degree for a lifelong in the monetary administrations industry.  “I’m amped up for them heading off to college,” Cathey said. “We’re empowering them to continue doing what they’ve been doing and reminding them to constantly reward their local area.”