Student Who Collected Garbage To Pay For His college Fee Is Now Accepted To Harvard

Hard work never wastes, it always pays. and, this fact is proved right by the 24 year old man, Rehan Staton from Maryland. He was once a garbage man and used to collect the garbage in order for paying the fees for his collage. With his hard work and dedication, he is now finally got admission in the Harvard law college.

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Despite of the efforts and the challenges he faced for supporting his studies, now he is going to head in the Harvard law school. Rehan faced several issues that almost made him quit his studies. He faced several barriers in his study life including the ill!ess, financial issues, and the major in**ries as well.

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When he was 8 year old, his mom left him and his father and moved out to different nation. This created much problem to his father in raising him and these all impacted negatively on the studies of Rehan. Once his teacher also recommended to put him in the remedial classes. However his father refused and got help from an aerospace engineer who gave free tuitions to Rehan. This helped in much improvement in his studies.

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After his 12th standard, he applied for several collages, but get ejected from all. This made him work as garbage man. But his co workers, Trash removal and Bates Trucking noted his potential and ask Brent Bates, the company’s owner son to help him. Brent then helped him get admission in the Bowle State university and this played a major role in the academic success of the Rehan.

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Rehan expressed much gratitude for the support from Bates and his co workers who motivated him to continue his study and get the success in his academic life.  While in an interview with CNN, he said that he wanted to work for the formerly incarcerated sanitation workers and wish to uplift their living standards and their life.  After studying for two years in the Bowle state university, Rehan got his admission in the university of Maryland and get graduated.

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Later he studied law along with working in political consulting with Robert Bobb Group. And, now he got selected in several prestigious university including the Harvard law school and he is going to soon attend the classes.  Though Rehan is getting much scholarship, still he is needing more money for dealing with his personal as well as educational expenses. For this, a campaign on GoFund Me has been set and it has raised more than $60,000.