Shaquille O’Neal Gifted 10 Pairs Of Shoes For Georgian Boy, 13, With Size 18 Feet

At the point when Shaquille O’Neal was intending to go to the prom at 18 years old his dad was glancing around to track down a couple of penny loafers of size 18. All at once the proprietor of Friedman’s shoes, Bruce Teilhaber offered the sets of shoes free of charge.

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From that point forward O’Neal has been purchasing shoes from him despite the fact that he has developed to measure 22. The caring demonstration of Bruce actually holds a spot in O’Neal’s heart so in a new occurrence he ventured forward to help a youngster from Atlanta who has been seeing a similar circumstance.

Zach Keith a 13-year-old kid from Atlanta fits in a shoe of size 18. Zach is a ball player and with his specialty size his mother, Brittany finds it challenging to manage the cost of the shoes. Consequently when CNN offshoot WGCL arrived at O’Neal for help, he lent his assistance decisively. 

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WGCL’s Sharon Reed and O’Neal gave Zach Keith 10 sets of shoes, Keith and his family were astonished by the benevolent demonstration. Shaq and the news station sorted out for the Keith family to visit Friedman’s Shoes, the Hall of Famers go-to huge and-tall dress shoe store in Atlanta Zach was shocked to meet his b-ball legend at the store Wednesday.

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Where the NBA legend purchased the tall adolescent 10 sets of dress shoes. Shaq said he has purchased 3,000 sets of shoes from Friedman’s north for 30 years since the proprietor, Bruce Friedman, gave him a free pair for prom. Keith said, “Hold up! Surprisingly, he needs to get me shoes”. “This would help us a ton, I won’t fret over purchasing dress shoes for him.

It has been challenging to get the shoes that fit him so for almost five years he hasn’t had a couple of shoes. It was extremely genuine and touching for me”. Said Brittany Keith. O’Neal told the station what is happening helps him to remember his previous experience. He said, “Bruce was there for me and I simply gave back in kind that Bruce accomplished for me.”