People Love Mother And Her Little Son Dressed As Popeyes Chicken Sandwich For Halloween

The extremely popular Popeyes sandwich recently made a comeback with a bang, selling nationwide since its announcement back in August.  For Nidra Cummings that was a perfect idea for the costume as Halloween was nearby. And with her crafty sewing skills, she made an adorable  Popeyes chicken sandwich for her son for Halloween. To complement further, she made for herself Popeyes spokeswoman Annie.

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Talking with USA Today, Nidra said, “I wanted something to match my son’s personality. She further added, “my toddler has a big personality and is also a big fan of snacks and eating.” The innovative costume and the expertise of Cummings have gone viral on the internet when she posted some pictures of her baby and herself on her Instagram page.

Image Credit:Medianews24hr

It was her son’s love for food that inspired her to make the costume.  “When he was first born, he spent a month in the NICU with stomach issues. He was having trouble feeding. But since then, he has become a grade-A, No. 1 eater, and that’s kind of how we bond. He loves being in the kitchen with me, and I thought I could make him into some type of food (for Halloween),” said Cummings for her son.

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Only after a day when Cummings finished the dress, the fast-food chain that sells Popeyes chicken sandwich announced that the beloved menu item is making its return on November 3. Cummings said, “To me, it was divine intervention that they’re bringing back the sandwich.” Initially, Cummings considered dressing her son as Pizza, but she thought that it was not so special. Then the idea popped into her head.

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She made the dress with the help of some felt fabric and two actual boxes of Popeyes sandwiches. To create the look of fried chicken she glued cornflakes on the sleeves of the shirt.  Cummings said, “It was so easy, and I always wanted to do a ‘mommy and me’ costume, so it worked out perfectly.”

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She further said that she wants to convey to fellow parents that it’s not difficult to create a memorable Halloween costume. You also don’t need tons of money or time.  “You don’t have to break the bank, and I think even if [Nathan] were older, he would still enjoy this costume more than something store-bought,” she said. “It’s more special.”