Mom Of 4 Told She Looks Half Her Age Now Struggling To Find Match Of Her Age

A 44-year-old mother of four who immovably accepts she can’t find love given how appealing she is. Daybreak, who functions as an assistant, has four youngsters: 17-year-old twins, a 20-year-old, and a 22-year-old. Individuals continually tell Dawn she looks many years more youthful than she is, and, surprisingly, her children look like her friends. Frequently, individuals even think that Dawn is simply one more one of the kin, not the children’s mom!

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In 2003, Dawn and her accomplice of four years split! tup. Since then, at that point, she’s been attempting to find love once more. In the 14 years that have passed, however, she’s been disheartened in her choices. As per Dawn, individuals who are her age are excessively old and exhausting, while individuals who seem healthy enough are excessively juvenile.

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Even though Dawn says men are constantly smoothed over her, she hasn’t had the option to track down any genuine sentiment or love, simply desire. “I can’t date a fat, ugly, old-matured man when I look so youthful and wonderful,” Dawn told The Sun. Even though Dawn Cousins is 44 years of age, she looks and feels a lot more youthful. In a meeting with The Sun, Dawn said, “The thing is I look a large portion of my age and I have men flattered throughout me constantly, matured from an age of 18 and above.”

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previously she always thought that looking youthful was a gift, however presently she sees it as a curse. She feels that her young looks are holding her back from tracking down a reasonable mate. “I here and there wish I didn’t look so great,” Dawn told The Sun. “Then, at that point, I could draw in the right sort of man I could go through my time on earth with,” Dawn says she generally stands out from men who just consider her looks and not her character.