Meet The African-American Drag Racer Who Is Making History Despite Having Just One Arm

On the off chance that you haven’t heard, Al Roberson, referred to on the circuit as “Al Boogie,” is an incredible, African American, resentment speedster. Truth be told, he has amassed a greater number of wins in the ‘no-time’ classification than some other racer ever!

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This mid year, Al “Boogie” Roberson and his fearsome group, The Southern Assassins, take to the tracks once more, releasing their incredibly popular, ravenous monster of a vehicle, Honcho the Camaro. Resentment racing draws in thousands each end of the week all around the United States and world, highlighting vehicles that appear as though they need to eat you however none, it appears, are just about areas of strength for as quick as Al Boogie’s Honcho.

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Sitting in his carport (at an undisclosed area for the sake of security), Al Boogie is resting on Honcho while it is on Pro Jacks, in pants and a shirt, tasting nonchalantly on a lager; apparently uninformed that he’s turned resentment dashing on its head. The kicker? He drives with just a single arm! But, he’s the most dominating racer in the game, having lost just ten races since the mid 1990’s.

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The Southern Assassins, including Al Boogie and partners Rick and Clint, constructed Honcho the Camaro with a total of $175,000. “No vehicle has at any point beaten Honcho,” Boogie said gladly. At the point when asked what’s in the engine, he smiles devilishly. “I could tell you, however at that point I’d need to kill you.” Yes, it appears to be that this triplet of Mech Techs could transform even a Pinto into a tar-consuming Carantula!

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Al Boogie’s ascent to resentment strength was momentarily hindered by a seven-year gig in government jail on a medication wrap. “I was set up,” said Boogie. “Of course, aren’t we as a whole?” Since his delivery in 2016, Al Boogie and The Southern Assassins have been drying conceals on drag tracks from one side of the planet to the other. “We’ve never taken off from a test,” he might want to remind us.

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Al Boogie experienced childhood in destitution in North Carolina — the no running water kind. Be that as it may, his stepfather permitted him to drive the family speedster when he was twelve. “He let me f**e upand feel its strength.” After that, Al was scared. A day at the race begins straightforward enough for Al and The Southern Assassins.

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After a couple of trials with the group, the lofty Al Boogie starts the occasion with some well-YouTubed smack-talk against his challengers (all in great tomfoolery), trailed by a speedy exchange with the groups and press. And afterward, the situation becomes ridiculous as the Southern Assassins release Honcho, the greedy Camaro monster, across a 660-foot stretch of sheer franticness!

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All at once, Al “Boogie” Roberson talked in respectful tones. “You’re lashed into this behemoth machine toward the beginning path, and that is when tension sets in. You know that in only a couple of moments, you’re in for a beast ride. Presently, you’re all alone and you say a request.” In the resentment dashing world, drivers are precluded from uncovering how quick their vehicles go. That is OK. It should be obvious The Southern Assassins’ drive in the speed of — crazy.