‘I Was Extremely Sad,’ Kandi Burruss Remembers Losing One of Her Twin Embryos

Kandi Burruss discusses her surrogacy journey, which led to the birth of her child Blaze in November 2019, on PEOPLE’s podcast Me Becoming Mother.  Kandi Burruss reflects on the conflicting emotions of her embryo transfer procedure. This week on PEOPLE’s new podcast Me Becoming Mom, the 45-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta actress discusses her surrogacy experience with husband Todd Tucker, which resulted in their youngest child, Blaze, in November 2019.

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Burruss, who also has a 17-year-old daughter Riley and a 12-year-old son Ace Wells, recounts the heartbreaking moment they learned one of the twins didn’t survive the embryo transfer to their surrogate. She told the presenter Zo Ruderman, PEOPLE’s Head of Digital. That evidently, they were overjoyed that she was expecting. Then they completed the ultrasound, and they were overjoyed since both embryos had taken initially. Then, after a few weeks, one of them, not sure what they call it, but it vanished. As a result, one of them was lost.

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She was dev*sta**d because, once more, they were anticipating they could be expecting twins, only to be told, yes, both of them are present. Then they are all overjoyed, “Burruss clarifies. “The numbers started to rise, and suddenly they stopped. Then you sit there praying and hoping that anything would change. And nothing has changed.” She continues, “You’re overjoyed that you have a healthy child. But then you’re heartbr**en because you’ve lost one.”

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Burruss also debunks a common misperception regarding surrogacy, recalling how people questioned her whether she was afraid about not being able to “connect” with her baby. She explains that she assumes the initial assumption is that simply because someone does not physically have their baby, they would not be able to have the same relationship as a woman who literally pushes the baby out.

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And she can assure her — if there was ever any doubt in your mind — that is not the case. Me Becoming Mum is a 12-episode weekly podcast that explores the numerous paths to parenting through interviews with celebrities and professionals in the industry. IVF, adoption, pregnancy, single motherhood, sa*e-s** relationships, home births, multiple m**carri*!es , and unexpected and startling birth tales are covered in the show.