Kamala Harris Became The First Woman To Wield Full Presidential Powers In The History Of US

Kamala Harris the Vice President of the United States achieved yet another milestone in her sparkling political career. On Friday, she became the first woman to assume the full powers of the United States presidency.Ms. Harris has already earned the title of being the first-ever woman elected Vice President of the United States. But this time she surpassed her own achievement and assumed the full powers of the U.S. executive, following Joe Biden’s absence due to his medical checkups.

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According to the White House, for an hour and twenty-five minutes, Kamala Harris assumed the role of the president of the US and became the first woman to do so. The events unfold, as Joe Biden, the current US president, has to undergo medical examinations. Therefore he entrusted presidential responsibilities to his vice-president. The event was a historical one as only two people have occupied the interim presidency before.

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Following the US presidential election, Kamala Harris took over the role of Vice President of the United States after the inauguration of Joe Biden. She also became the first woman to hold the post. The temporary transmission of power was mandated in the United States back in 1967, through the passage of the 25th Amendment. The development came a few years after the a**assinatio** of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

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The 25th Amendment details the procedure through which the president or vice-president is replaced on a temporary or permanent basis. The situation could arise if it’s deemed that he is incapable of carrying out the responsibilities and duties of his office.White Kamala Harris is the first woman to assume power this way, the event in itself is not the first one. The 43rd president of the US, George W. Bush, did so in 2002 when he handed the presidency powers to his vice president, Dick Cheney.

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The White House notified that Mr. Biden will be under total anesthesia for a c**cer screening procedure at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, near Washington. As the president is temporarily incapacitated, the vice president, Kamla Harris assumed the role of the head of the state. Once Joe Biden has undergone all the procedures, he will notify Congress and once again assume the position as US President.