Jeannie Mai Introduces Her And Jeezy’s Adorable Baby Girl Monaco Mai Jenkins To The World- Video

Five months after inviting her initial youngster into the world, Jeannie gave fans a first glance at her and Jeezy’s child young lady, Monaco Mai Jenkins. In a YouTube video on June 2, Jeannie prodded that watchers were “going to meet someone exceptional in my life — another person, someone glossy, someone who smells so lovely like a five-months-old great.”

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The video then, at that point, slices into a montage of pictures and film from the little one’s most memorable months on Earth. The sweet slideshow included Monaco chuckling, her most memorable Lunar New Year, quality time with both of her grandparents, and a precious spending time with her mother’s The Real co-has. Monaco’s YouTube debut didn’t stop there.

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At that point, Jeannie welcomed her child young lady on camera for a family plunk down with grandma Olivia TuTram Mai, mournfully noticing that she “gets so apprehensive” while acquainting Monaco with individuals. “It’s a particularly bizarre blend between being so amped up for something, however, realising that the world is a mean spot once in a while,” Jeannie made sense.

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“I can safeguard myself, I can hinder you all, I can overlook the remarks, yet you can’t do that with the child, you know, so to this end, it was so difficult for me to arrive at this spot to share Monaco.” She later added, “Kindly reason the nerves cause this was the most recent five months, yet I guarantee I’m prepared.” And keeping in mind that Jeannie prepared to make this stride, Monaco was more than camera-prepared, twinning with her grandmother in matching panther print outfits.

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While Jeannie had misgivings about flaunting Monaco to the world, she has not been timid to share her parenthood highs and lows. In a May 19 YouTube video, The Real host focused on her breastfeeding venture. “For the past 90 days, I’ve been without anyone else with my little considerations, attempting my hardest to get any milk to crush conceivable outside my bosoms,” she made sense of, later adding, “It was super, alarming.”

Jeannie proceeded, “You feel so crushed when your child’s eager. You’re not delivering enough for the child. You’re seeing this multitude of plugs and different ladies. Even Instagram shows these wonderful pictures of mothers holding their children breastfeeding.” Thinking about her decision to impart her insight on breastfeeding to the world, Jeannie said it was the “first time I get to associate with mothers.” She added, “I simply need to listen to such a huge amount from everyone there, and I have a long way to go.”