5 year old Boy called 911 For Happy Meal And Cop Reached Him With Big Surprise

‘In an emergency call 911’ No one can deny that 911 has saved countless people from grievous situations, but quite often the operators also receive unusual calls. Something similar happened in Mesa, Arizona. Little Charlie Skabelund rang 911 for his emergency – a Happy meal.


Image Credit:Cnn

Apparently, Charlie dialed 911 and asked, is this McDonald? The operator responded as per the protocol and asked whether he had any emergency, to which Charlie replied, He needs a Happy Meal and hung up. Little did the kid know that an officer will be soon dispatched to check on him and ensure that his ’emergency’ is rectified. Soon enough officer Scott Valdez of the Mesa, Arizona, Police Department turned up to his doorstep with a package of a Happy Meal.


Her mom, Kim Skabelund, unaware of the incident, was shocked when he received a call from the police department regarding the call made by his son. Apparently, the family was preparing for Halloween, when a 911 dispatcher called and asked to talk to Charlie’s dad. In her mother’s words, they were “sh**ked and kind of embarrassed.”


Charlie was safe and sound, but as the protocols dictates, a police officer was dispatched to confirm the safety and welfare of the child. Charlie was a little concerned when he saw a police officer in his house. But Rodolph, the police officer, was there with the Happy Meal, as requested by Charlie. And, when he gave the meal to Charlie, the shyness of the little kid went away and he became friendly with the officer.

Kim, Charlie’s mother, told CNN that, “We were so appreciative of how Officer Valdez handled the situation.” She further added, “He taught Charlie a valuable lesson that day, not only how to use 911 appropriately, but also how to treat others with love and kindness.”