Finally a Mother After 16 Years & 18 Miscarriage – A story of Tragedy, Hope, and Triumph

“Never Lose Hope is The Moral of The Story” A British woman, trying to be a mother for the last 16 years has finally given birth to a baby boy. The incredible thing is, she has to endure 18 heartbr**king m**carri*es before giving birth to her ‘miracle baby.’ Louise Warneford 48, has dreamed like all the newlyweds to have babies to raise and care for. But unlike others, she wasn’t fortunate enough, to conceive easily.

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To fulfill her dream of becoming a mother, she has to suffer the dr**df!l tra*e!y of 18 miscarriages and a total of 16 costly IVF treatments. Finally, at age 48, and after so many attempts, her perseverance was rewarded. She gave birth to a baby boy and her joy was beyond words. “When William was placed in my arms I felt like I’d won the lottery. I was absolutely euphoric,” Warneford, now 53, recalled.

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“All the doctors and nurses were in tears because they knew my story.” Sharing her experience with Today’s Parents, Louise said, “I never allowed photos when I was pregnant because I assumed I would lose the baby and I didn’t want that sad memory. “Each loss left me d**astat!d. All my hopes, all my dreams… my whole world would just fall apart. It never got easier.”

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Louise met her husband Mark back in 1999 and instantly fell in love with him. Soon they were together by the age of 32, Louise decided to have a baby. But the way ahead was difficult because her husband Mark has undergone a va!ecto*y prior to the marriage. This made things complicated as they now have to try non-traditional ways of conceiving.

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But things didn’t work out here too, still, they didn’t lose hope and kept trying,  In her book, titled Baby Dreams, shared her experience, and wrote that she could never continue her pregnancy beyond the 14-weeks mark, but kept the faith and continued trying.

She was apparently diagnosed with elevated “natural ki**er” cells and the doctor linked it with her recurrent mi**arri!es.  She was treated with baby aspirin, steroids, and bl**d thinners. The treatment was successful and Louise finally gave birth to a baby boy.