Meet The Alabama Couple Who Are Feeding The State With Their Pay-What-You-Can Restaurant

There are still some selfless people in the world who want nothing more than to aid others in need. In the United States, there is a rising trend, and an Alabama couple joined it around two years ago. In the United States, there are around 60 pay-what-you-can contribution restaurants, and Freddie and Lisa Thomas-McMillan launched theirs in Brewton, Alabama, in 2018.

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“When my husband and I originally started the restaurant, we chose to invest a portion of our pension savings into it.” “Feed the Need” is our mission statement, Lisa stated. “We will help folks with whatever problems they have if we can,” Lisa told Good News Network. According to Good News Network, the pair said it’s vital to know that customers leave “with a full stomach, a full heart, and the feeling that you are loved and worthy of love.”

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Drexell & Honeybees, their restaurant, has been Lisa’s long-awaited goal since she shared sandwiches with a girl at lunch in second grade. Lisa claims that the small girl had more excellent sandwiches than her, but she always chose her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That lesson has shaped Lisa into the person she is today. Lisa has been cooking meals at home and feeding people in need in her town since 1994 when Drexell & Honeybees was still a concept. She delivered the food to them in her old van.

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She even went so far as to give meals to folks living in the country. She had a vision of a world in which no one went to bed hungry. Lisa wedded Fred in 2012, and the two have devoted their lives to helping others. They’ve fed out-of-town college students who needed food or who were living on a tight budget. They decided they could do more, so they bought a building for their “feeding drive” and launched Drexell & Honeybees Donations Only Restaurant in 2018.

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“I didn’t really see how that could potentially work when Lisa and Freddie originally contacted the city with the intention to operate a ‘pay-what-you-can’ restaurant,” Brewton Mayor Yank Lovelace said. “However, the city gathered behind her proposal, and we awarded her a grant to assist her in launching her company.” It was without a dispute one of the finest efforts we’ve ever undertaken in the people and businesses of our town.

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She is a miracle worker, and her compassion for people satisfies not only the basic human need for food but also the need to be a part of a loving community.”Because it was not intended to be a profit-making operation, there are no menus, pricing, or cash register. To keep the facility functioning, they rely entirely on contributions. People may donate money to the enterprise or write a thank you message for the dish they just ate on a screen in the restaurant’s corner.

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Lisa, who is well-known in her village for her kindness, remarked, “They’re worth a million bucks to me.”Lisa and Freddie are in charge of dinner preparation, cooking, and serving. They also clean up after themselves, with people from the community pitching in when they can. Local farmers also donate products, and two farmers specialize in growing veggies and fruits for Drexel & Honeybees.

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The coronavirus wreaked havoc on eateries, and Lisa and Freddie faced the worst of it because contributions were low. The pair refused to give in to the circumstances and did everything to assist others who depended on them. In the end, the Thomas-McMillans want to share the love while feeding the hungry because they think that everyone has a responsibility to make a difference in the world. “Making a difference is the finest thing you can do in the world,” Lisa told