Cardi B Reveals That She Is Very Cheap Despite Being A Millionaire She Always Checks Her Bank Account

One thing about Cardi B is that she will sing, twerk, act, and rap but will never stop sh**king fans with her cheap tendencies. Despite being a millionaire, the American female rapper born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar admits that she is cheap. However, her rather simple ways of life keep showing up every time, from eating chicken feets to now checking her bank balance randomly.

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The star recently revealed that the fact that her financial situation has improved to million dollar ranks does not mean that she is frivolous. Talking to Sirius XM’s Sway’s Universe, Cardi B made a clear statement that even if the public considers her luxurious, she is very conscious of her finances. One has to agree that the revelation of Cardi B’ stance towards money is stunning. For someone who always appears on public platforms adorned in expensive and flashy accessories, she is not the type one may think rolls on budget.

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However, in reality the rapper, songwriter, and actress always choose the options that will ease her finances. As she ascertained that she checks on her account and consistently regrets doing some stuff with her money. Cardi’s cheap tendencies and attempt to remain penny-wise may be a value she engrossed in from her underprivileged background. Before becoming a rapper and millionaire, she had a hard time trying to make a living as a teenager. At sixteen, she was involved in gangsterism activities as a member of the Bl**ds gang.

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She worked as a stripper at a nightclub across a street in deli where she was fired in Tribeca. The rapper once confessed that working as a stripper has brought a lot of positive changes in her life. She stripped for a living to escape domestic ab** and poverty after being kicked out of her maternal home. She was also able to save enough for school, and have ever since been in and out of school.

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It was until 2013 that the Dominican descendant gained popularity following the trends of her Instagram and vine videos. In 2015 she joined the Love & Hip Hop: New York, a reality TV series that launched her music career. Today, Cardi B is the most popular artist with an estimated net worth of $24 million, according to Forbes list. Despite that sum, you are likely to bump into Cardi B riding on a first class when you walk on Delta flight.