With Only Weeks to Live, A Terminally ill Baby is Rushing To Complete His Bucket List

What worse could be than hearing the news that your loving kid only has a few weeks to live. It’s the worst thing to experience when your cherished jewel is slowly succumbing to disease and you can’t do anything. We wish that it would never happen to anyone. But alas, Christine and Chris McArdle have to go through such a a*wf*l experience.

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Their 9-month-old baby boy Brice was diagnosed with Embryonal tumors with multilayered rosettes (ETMR). Although he was immediately put to a treatment regime coupled with several chemotherapy and surgeries, nothing could help. Doctors told the parents that their child only has a few weeks left to live. Heartbroken, the parents decided to make the most of the time their child has left and make it as cheerful for the precious child as they can.

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They decided to complete a bucket list for their child and they are putting all the effort into making it memorable. Recently they visited the Mall of America – one of the largest malls in America. They visited the mall on Monday with Brice, who was delighted to enjoy the merry-go-round and all the other kid-friendly attractions. The bucket list also includes a railroad museum, science museum, a Star Wars experience, and an appearance on the local TV station.

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Brice’s Mom and dad take work off as often as they can to spend much of the time with their loving child. Their colleagues exchange shifts to help them take time off. Moreover, they are also helping the parents with cash to support the bucket list. Chris, Bruce’s father said, “We got the news that basically it’s a done deal, we both just decided we are not gonna work.

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We are going to spend every waking moment with him we can and we trust God with the results of that.”  Her Mother Christine further added, “All the things we imagined doing with Brice, all in one four to twelve-week period. All the things we thought we’d be doing when he was a toddler, we want to do now.” Staff at the Mall of America extended their support for the child with a plaque saying, ‘Brice was here’ on one of the Mall’s playgrounds. The couple was moved by the gesture with Criss commenting that he was “speechless.”