A 6-Year Old Girl Gets Her Stuffed Teddy Bear Back After Losing It In a Glacier park a Year Ago

It is common for kids to form a special bond with their toys. A similar bond existed between Naomi Pascal, a 6-year-old, and her stuffed teddy bear. But unfortunately, she lost her favorite toy on a hiking trip to the Hidden Lake trail located at the National Glacier Park. It was heartbr**king for the kid. She truly loved her toy.

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Now with the effort from the Ranger at National Glacier Park the kid is reunited with her special toy. Teddy held a special significance to Naomi, as it was her first gift from her new family. Apparently, the girl was adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage in 2016 and her new parents presented her a welcoming gift – a teddy.

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Naomi’s mom Addie Pascal said, “Yeah, we have lots of pictures of her getting the bear and that was definitely her first toy and so it was really special that she was able to have that until we were able to go and meet her in person.” But on a family trip to National Glacier Park, teddy was lost. Her father Ben Pascal said, “Pretty much almost back to Bigfork and we realized, I think Naomi was the one that realized Teddy was missing.”

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The kid was heartb**ken, but her family held on to a glimmer of hope. They made a plea on social media for the lost teddy, and it reached Tom Mazzarisi, a Ranger at the National Glacier Park. Out on petrol, the Ranger was alert for anything resembling a toy teddy bear and soon enough he spotted it. A family friend happened to be visiting the park the same day and soon enough the teddy was on his way to unite again with her lovely owner in Jackson, Wyoming.

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The story has garnered around 12000 likes on the park’s Facebook page. The girl’s father who is a senior pastor at the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole commented that “it’s a beautiful story that resonates.” He further added that “It was just a story of hope and kindness and people just working together. It touched people’s hearts. It gave ’em hope. It made ’em feel like there is good in the world, which I believe there is.”