A $20 Help From Walgreens Cashier To Customer Initiated More Than $20k In Return Gift To Her

An act of kindness goes a long way and could bring a massive positive return – in cash too. Something similar happened to a Walgreens cashier, Rita Burns, from Huston, Texas. She helped one of her customers with the last 20$ in her bank account. This act of kindness has now brought her $10,000 in cash for the help.

Some people have a golden heart. They could do anything for someone in need – even give the last dollars in their bank account. Rita Burns from Huston did the same thing. She paid the bill of one of her customers because she had forgotten to bring her wallet with her. Her name is Rina Liou, and she is a real estate agent.

The incident unfolded like this – Rina was in Huston to show one of the properties to her client. She noticed that some of the light bulbs were not working. She rushed to a nearby Walgreens store to pick some bulbs before the client arrived. While in line for the checkout, she realized that she had forgotten to bring her wallet. On top of that, she had her husband’s phone with her; otherwise, she could have made the purchase with Apple Pay. Time running out; she felt helpless and could not think what to do.

In a Facebook post, she wrote – “I could just feel the minutes ticking by as I embarrassingly stood at the cash register trying to operate Apple Pay for the first time.” Now comes to the scene our big-hearted Rita Burns. Seeing Rina in such distress, Rita Burns decided to help her. However, she was also running low on cash and had only $20 in her bank account. Besides, she wasn’t even sure that her funds would be enough to pay the bill.

With hundreds of doubts about her own finances, Rita nonetheless decided to give away her last dollars to a distressed stranger. She put the card praying, and thankfully, it was accepted as there was a special discount going on at that time on those particular items.

The gesture moved Rina. Eventually, she paid back the amount to Rita with some flowers and took some pictures after some time. She posted them on Next Door, a local social network with a caption reading, “Rita is the happiest, best employee that Walgreens has to offer in normal circumstances.” It turned out that Rita was already famous for her kind and caring gesture to others.

Soon people started responding to Tina’s post, sharing their own experiences with the cashier. One user commented, “Rita is the happiest, best employee that Walgreens has to offer in normal circumstances.” Soon, Rita’s admirers set up a GoFundMe page to pay back for the kindness she had bestowed on others. The page read, “Ms Rita at Walgreens is a neighbor in the truest sense of the word.

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When a customer needed to buy lightbulbs in a rush but had forgotten her wallet, Ms Rita wanted to pay “but only had $20 in [her] account.” When she realized the bulbs were 50% off, she paid without hesitation using her own debit card.” People generously donated for the kind woman, and the amount soon reached $20,000. The story of Rita Burns is truly incredible and proves that kindness always pays back, sometimes in cash too.