US Teenager Accepted Ashley Accepted In Harvard With More Than $4 Million Scholarship

A 17-year-old Nigeria-American Lady named Ashley Adirika has joined the 3.2% of candidates to be admitted into Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Ashley Adirika who moved on from the Miami Beach Senior High School, Florida, United States has consistently longed for going to learn at an Ivy League University. She, hence, applied to all the elite level colleges in the United States.

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At the point when she opened her PC to check every one of her applications on Ivy Day, she was stunned to figure out that all the Ivy League colleges including Brown University, Columbia University, Dartmouth University, Harvard University, Penn University, Princeton University, and Yale University all acknowledged her and offered a grant worth more than $4million.

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The delight she felt alongside her family was undeniably sweet. She additionally got acknowledgment letters from Stanford University, Vanderbilt University, and Emory University. I just chose to go for it by any means and check whether it would land. Furthermore, I had no clue I would get acknowledged into every one of them. On Ivy Day, I cried a ton and was simply very shocked,” Ashely told.

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As per reports, the probability of being admitted to one of the world class colleges ranges somewhere in the range of three and eight percent. Starting around 2018, the United States most select schools have acknowledged under 12% of their candidates. In 2022, Yale took 4.5%, Columbia invited 3.7%, and Harvard welcomed only 3.2% of its future students, the most modest number ever in the college’s set of experiences.

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Ashley made sense of that after every one of the schools offered her confirmation, she chose to go to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States to concentrate on government and analyse how arrangements can work on monetary aberrations in networks. As indicated by her while talking with CNN, Harvard University had a superior program for her decision obviously. “Before the school application process, Yale was really my top decision.

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However, when I did additionally explore for what I believe should do explicitly, which is investigations in strategy and social approach and things of that nature, Harvard just had a superior program,” she says. She valued everybody that added to her scholarly achievement. “I’m likewise very keen to each person who has filled me all through my excursion: family, teachers, companions, guides, mentors — – all of you significantly affect me,” she wrote on Instagram.